A web-based application founded by CJ Koch who has many years of experience in the real estate investment & construction industry. CJ launched DirectSubs in his hometown of Philadelphia because he recognized the need for a platform that connects real estate investors with local contractors for his flips, rentals, renovations & new construction projects. Trade, location & availability are all taken into account.


A highly polished website….yet. However, keep in mind that DirectSubs is still a powerful tool that can help make connections you otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to make. It’s in that spirit that we created a robust profile for users and contractors to show off all of their hard-earned choices with regards to licensing and insurance in addition to pictures of their completed projects. We know it’ll help separate the self-proclaimed contractors from the real pros.


We’re currently working on a perfecting our new platform and this will some take time so we appreciate your patience. Because of this, we’ll begin charging modest fees in 2024 to help with innovating, scaling and covering all the costs associated with software development, marketing and maintenance of any digital platform.

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